Here are some photos I took  of every-day things at my home , in order to finish up the film in my camera as it had some other ones from Buenos Aires.

My home has been anywhere my family has been, it's never been a specific house in a city, just a any place these people I identify myself so much with, are.
Lima on the meantime has been a truly beautiful place to live in and I don't think it has enough credit for that. You don't really hear much about it, because everyone is looking up to the usual metropolises, the ones picture perfect. But that's what I cherish the most of it, it's a hidden gem that you truly have to be here to discover how wonderful it is.
It's not being consumed my tourism, it's rather growing with the influences of many people coming from all over the world that decide to stay here. And what's best is being part of this growth, it gives you access to so many incredible experiences that wouldn't of have happened anywhere else.
I don't know, this past year I've been so grateful for it, even though it takes time to feel part of it, right now the whole journey of rediscovering feels like it's truly been worth it.
I wish you could be here.


Listen: Tell - The Radio Dept.
Eat: Churros of the Historic Center of Lima
Drink: Mate de Coca


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