The Scoliosis File Revealed

These photos were taken in 2011, when I was 15 years old, with a timer. The last two were edited then too. But it is since now that I've decided to expose them all as I think there isn't yet enough photos and stories of young people with scoliosis. Also I don't think my blog will ever feel complete without them, as I am myself without my spine.

There were more photos that showed it better, but I deleted them in the moment.

I remember being an adolescent in its first years of highschool with a curve growing without control, waiting to get it not fixed, but drastically reduced.
A timer was set on my camera that stood at a high point of my book shelf every morning, and I positioned myself with my back towards it, while wearing my daily ensemble, all to see if people would see my scoliosis or not. Black structured jackets, like tweed or biker ones, were my favourite, because they camouflaged it perfectly.
Lines were to avoid, as well as tight pieces.

Mission achieved as only my friends knew, and when I left for surgery, the departure was discrete and I came back the following year with a million things turned gold.
From 96 degrees of deviation, I now have about 14, thanks to the two titanium bars that hold my spine. And instead of hiding my condition, I embrace it.
I get the happiest when my scars get a little attention. Not only do they look pretty badass but they have a great story to tell.

I've been craving to do a set of them , so wait for a part II on this...

++ Just found the post I did about it at my old blog: here


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