Last Rays of Sunshine

The title is quite dramatic, we still have sunshine, it's still's just close to the end of the break (I also didn't know what to title it :/)
Yeah, indeed, it is saddening to feel the end of those week days on the beach and having a lot of time to read and write and paint and cook and all that jazz ... but by the end of the second month I start getting so motivated to go back to studying and creating wonderful stuff at school.

What were the highlights of my summer break? ah so many. I think it needs to be divided in categories haha, I tried llama in Arequipa, went to a city in which I lost my heart in...saw the most beautiful starry sky on a desert...and other little things that mean as much to me, like having my first decent new years, meting loads of incredible people and cooking or reading that one thing you were putting aside for a long time! In my case I finally read Joan Miro's biography and cooked a stir fry.



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